I did not expect such a neat job seriously but your electrician service guys amazed me with an excellent job. Funny as I thought I could do these things myself since these guys could do it like it was not a big deal but I regretted my action, I had no choice than to request for their service again and once again I was impressed. I really do not know how you guys do it but I will give you the five star. Incredible!


My mom must not know I had damaged our switch box and I really did not have much money to fix it but I heard these guys fixed something similar at Kelvin’s at an affordable rate, it was so cheap that I could afford and they came and did a wonderful job. Till today, my mom still does not know that the switch box was ever damaged. You guys are life savers. Thanks.


Whenever I charged my phone or any other gadget on a particular switch in my living room, it always shocked me. You can imagine the horror. My husband tried to fix this serious issue himself but when he got shocked the fourth time, he gave up. We wouldn't even allow our little kids play in the living room because of this. In short, these amazing guys helped my family to put an end to this horror and I and indeed thankful for that.


I live with my grandmother and if the electrician service guys had not done a good job in my home, I would probably be mourning my grandmother today. For this, I and immensely grateful. It was never about the money but about the life they preserved as a result of their professionalism. I wish you guys the best in business.


I indeed wanted to spot a fault in their repairs so I would not pay for their service but I was utterly disappointed that these guys did a flawless job. I.could not find a single error or fault which is definitely incredible.


I was beginning to get completely mad and frustrated at the same time with my wiring. I moved into Michigan recently and I think I got the worst apartment. Unfortunately, these problems did not come up until recently and you can imagine my frustration. However, your electrician service guy came and fixed all these issues completely. Now, my apartment is more cozy than ever.


I recently set up my company and you can imagine the whole lot of electronic stuffs I have to bring in and set up. I would definitely break down if I had to do all these stuffs by myself but at an affordable rate, these guys rendered the best service ever, even advising me on some quality stuffs to get. Thank you guys.


All I can say is that you guys are amazing and I would strongly recommend you any day. Kudos!


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